The Standard WASP platform, with its interchangeable 18X zoom camera and FLIR thermal camera gimbals, offers a very versatile system. The size of the UAV is, however, determined by the bigger 18X zoom. The need for a smaller UAV capable of only carrying a thermal camera needed to be addressed and so the WASP NIGHT was born.

The WASP NIGHT is exceptionally compact. Measuring a mere 285mm square when folded with a depth of 175mm without the thermal camera attached.
We have included the same functionality of the bigger WASP by making use of the exceptionally capable DJI Light Bridge system for both flight control and video transmission. This ensures easy rock solid video transmission by anyone familiar with any of the DJI consumer UAV’s and the DJI Go app. All video and flight info are displayed directly on your smart device without the need for any additional screens. True integration of multiple systems from FLIR through to DJI.

The FLIR Vue camera offers onboard recording as well as a digital zoom.

We offer 2 battery power systems. The Deluxe version makes use of the DJI TB48 smart battery. This offers an automated storage charge feature which ensures that the battery is always kept at an optimum level for storage. The standard power system requires the operator to ensure that the battery is maintained at a storage charge manually. This does offer a cost saving, however.

The WASP NIGHT is full featured UAV platform offering the most cost effective implementation of a thermal surveillance UAV on the market today. Only the best equipment has been hand picked in order to deliver a reliable, capable yet affordable thermal solution.

WASP Night specs 1.1



Model: Drontec W.A.S.P Night (Wide Area Surveillance Platform – FLIR thermal only)
Configuration: Quadcopter (Four lifting motors)
Landing gear: Manually extendable legs integrated into each fold-able allowing for compact size for transportation.
Legs remain extended throughout flight.
Dimensions: Hard case transportation package 500 X 500 X 200mm
Assembled with landing gear deployed and propellers open 640mm
Assembled with landing gear, arms and propellers folded 285mm
Weight: Assembled ready to fly with no payload 2400g
DJI TB48 5700mah battery 670g
Total weight with 2 X batteries ready to fly 3700g
Operating temperature: -20 to 40 ⁰C
Max Flight Time: 2 X TB48 FLIR camera gimbal 25 min
*flight times tested at sea level, hovering, at 0m/s wind speed

Flight Control System:

Accuracy: Vertical: ±0.5m
Horizontal: ±1.5m
Max Tilt angle: 35⁰
Ascent/descent: ±6ms
Max Speed (P mode): 65km/h
Max service ceiling: 3000m
Max wind resistance: 45km/h
WASP direct control device: DJI Lightbridge 2 Ground and air system
Ground Control unit: DJI Handheld TX (Transmitter)
Maximum Transmission Distance: Up to 5 km (unobstructed, free of interference
EIRP: 100 mW @ 2.4 GHz
Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz – 2.482Ghz and 5.75Ghz -5.825Ghz
Video transmission: HDMI 720p50, 720p60, 1080p30, 1080p50, 1080p60
Ground TX (Transmitter): Weight: 810g
Dimensions: 182mm x 167mm x 104mm (L-W-H)
Built-in Battery: 7.4 V, 6000mAh
Operating Current: 900mA
Operating Temp: -10 -40 ⁰C
Video Output: HDMI, SDI, USB
WASP system interface device: Apple or Android smart device
WASP system interface Software: DJI-Go app HDMI, SDI, USB
Video playback device: DJI-Go app on Smart device
Mapping system: Google earth over DJI Go app
Waypoint flight setup: DJI-Go app

Flight Battery, Deluxe option (2 required)

Model: TB48
Chemistry: Lithium-polymer (Li-Po)
Maximum Charging power: 180 W
Operating Temperature: -20 to 40 ⁰C
Storage charge (automatically set if left unused for 10 days): 85% of Capacity

Flight Battery, Standard (2 required)

Model: Dronetec Lipo
Chemistry: Lithium-polymer (Li-Po)
Maximum Charging power: 5C (5 X rated capacity)
Operating Temperature: -20 to 40 ⁰C
Storage charge  (No automatic storage charge feature) 85% of Capacity

Thermal Camera Payload

Camera Model: FLIR Vue Pro 336
Attachment: Hot-Swop sliding rail with rotating lock
Attachment time: 5 sec
Gimbal accuracy: 0.02⁰ (static)
Gimbal range: Tilt: Push button control on TX
Roll: -50⁰ to 50⁰
Pan: -150⁰ to 150⁰ (limited to damping only)
Functions: Tilt: Push button control on TX
Pan: By moving UAV in Yaw direction, Gimbal has pan damping
Zoom: 2X digital zoom controlled by roller on TX (Transmitter)
Onboard storage using Micro SD
Resolution: 336 x 256
Lens: 13mm
F.O.V: 45⁰ X 26⁰
Frame Rate: 9Hz (30Hz special order)
Video Playback: Transmission to ground over Lightbridge 2
Viewing of video using Smart Device (Apple or Android)
External video devices connected using HDMI output
All specifications are subject to change without notification