This is an entirely autonomous system that is intended to be permanently installed on a vehicle or at a remote site. The Drone remains in a constant state of readiness and is deployed by means of any simple trigger.

Upon activation of the system, the drone climbs rapidly to its observation altitude and maintains a presence over the point of deployment below. The drone will remain above its point of deployment for up to 30min. Should the point of deployment move, in the case of a vehicle, the drone will follow at speeds of up to 50km/h.

An independent onboard 3G connection provides a live HD video feed from the drone’s onboard camera. This internet connection also provides the remote operator with full camera control as well as zoom function, much like the PTZ system on standard security cameras.

The ADO system provides real time situational awareness live from an incident within seconds of deployment giving law enforcement valuable information regarding vehicles and personnel involved.

Further developments include the deployment of visual and forensic marking materials such as paint or dyes as well as the possibility of non-lethal countermeasures.